About Our Office

Hearing problems and other disorders of the ear affect millions of children and adults each year, making it difficult for them to participate fully in the world around them.  New advances, however, in the treatment of chronic and congential abnormalities have brought the advantages of improved hearing to many patients who were previously thought to be untreatable.

Dr. Paul Eric Hammerschlag has accumulated a broad educational and clinical background in otology, the treatment of ear disease, and has earned an impressive reputation in the field.  He utilizes both established techniques and recent therapeutic innovations to afford his patients new opportunities for a higher quality of life.

At the heart of his services is an understanding and empathy for his patients.  He emphasizes the following elements in his practice.

  • Innovation:  Dr. Hammerschlag is a leader in his field, conducting innovative research on surgery and rehabilitation.  He brings the latest advances to you.


  • Patient education:  We encourage you to become a knowledgeable participant in your otology care.  Patient consultations, brochures and individualized diagrams are available to aid the eh education process.


  • Commitment:  Dr. Hammerschlag's training and expertise in treating ear disorders had brought him international recognition. Patents, however, continue to recognize him for a personal and caring approach.